Yeah, yeah, I know – it sounds selfish. But if you can’t be your own top priority, well, whose can you be????

How many of us are fat because we’ve put ourselves on the back-burner? How many of us are fat because we’ve put work first, or our partner first, or the kids first, or keeping the house straight first, or pleasing others first? I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Meanwhile, I have turned into someone that I don’t quite like. With the weight comes other baggage – stress, discomfort, irritability, distrust, anger. Oh sure, I can still see redeeming features and some good traits, but damn, how did I get here? How did I let myself get so out of control? I’m a smart chick, but when it comes to looking after myself, I’ve been really, really stupid. I knew I was putting on weight, but didn’t bother to weight in, didn’t want to face it. I just went up size after size, tried not to think about it. What a fruitcake!

NO MORE!! I have finally decided to place enough priority on my weight loss to enable me to succeed where I have previously failed. I am allowed to be important enough to me (and to my hubby, family and friends) to lose the weight once and for all! I deserve it. I need it. And if I can love me more as a result of it, then everyone wins.

Someone once said: I am choosing my tomorrow with the actions I take today.

So: Today: and every day for as long as it takes – I’m going to try to collect knowledge, create good habits, get off my **** and exercise, eat well, and get well on my way to a new, happy, loving, sexy, confident, free-and-easy me!!

Here’s hoping 🙂